by James Merritt

"From Sinner to Soul-Winner"
By James Merritt
Mark 1:17


1. A great preacher of yesteryear, by the name of Charles Tremble, once said, "God, if you will give me the strength, every time I have the opportunity to introduce the topic of conversation, it will always be Jesus Christ."

2. Would to God that every professing Christian would have that same burning desire in his heart. Because if the gospel is true, and if Jesus is Lord, and if salvation is real, then the most important thing that one human being can do for another human being, is to bring that human being to the Lord Jesus Christ.

3. If you are a lost sinner, Jesus is calling you to salvation. If you are a saved sinner, Jesus is calling you to soul-winning.

4. The Lord Jesus promised that He would make everyone of his followers "fishers of men." I believe therefore it behooves us to put as many hooks in the water as we can, as we try to catch souls for the Lord Jesus Christ.

5. This power band, this little bracelet with these funny looking beads, is just another hook you can put in the water that will enable you to bring people to Jesus. The beautiful thing about this bracelet is, it can take a person practically instantaneously from being a sinner to a soul-winner. I want us to examine this bracelet very carefully and notice what it means from beginning to end. Because this little bracelet can either change your life for all eternity, or it can be used to change somebody else's life for all eternity.

6. Hold the bracelet in front of you so that the black bead is on the left and the yellow or the gold bead is on the right. Now you will notice that there is a knot to the left of that
black bead. That represents your physical birth. Everyone of us, at some point in time, were born. Now if you have never been born you do not belong in the building today. We have all been born. But we are unique in that we are created by God in His image. G ...

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