by James Merritt

"Wherever He Leads, I’ll Go"
By James Merritt
Genesis 12:1-4


1. It has been said that every great person has first learned how to obey, whom to obey, and when to obey. I believe that is the secret to the greatest man in the Old Testament.

2. Without any question, Abraham is the hero of the Old Testament and, outside of the Lord Jesus Christ, may be the greatest person in all of the Bible. In the history of our
nation there have been many great Americans. Many would say the greatest leader in American history was Abraham Lincoln. There are those who would say the greatest military general was Robert E. Lee. But all would agree that the first, and perhaps
greatest American, is the one who is called the "father of our country," George Washington. Well, whereas Moses was the Abe Lincoln of the Bible, and Joshua, the Robert E. Lee of the Bible; without question Abraham is the George Washington of the
Bible. For in Romans 4:11 he is called, "the father of the faithful."

3. The first eleven chapters of the book of Genesis are given to the first two thousand years of human history. But the next fourteen chapters, fully one-fourth of this first book, is given over to the life of this one man called Abraham. He is the only man in the Bible ever called "the friend of God." Do you know why he was called the friend of God? because his theme song was "Wherever He leads, I'll go." When God spoke there are only two things Abraham knew to do: "trust and obey."

4. Abraham's only claim to fame was faith. Yet, because of his faith his name today is revered by the three great faiths of the world. He is seen as the father of the Moslem, the Jew, and the Christian.

5. He is still the hero of the Hebrews; the jewel of the Jews; the brightest star in the Hebrew heaven; the biggest tree in the Hebrew forest. Respectfully called "Father Abraham" because his faith is the father of all faith. Abraham is going to show us
h ...

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