by James Merritt

"Praying for the President"
By James Merritt
I Timothy 2:1-4


1. Imagine that you hold the most powerful position on earth:

- You are Commander in Chief of the greatest military force in the world.

- You preside over the world's strongest economic entity whose budget exceeds $1.5 trillion.

- You are the head of a government that spends $3.25 million every minute, $195 million every hour, $4.6 billion every day non stop.1

- You are the leader of the entire free world.

- You are on the front page of every major newspaper practically every day. Your every sentence can be publicized and will be analyzed for years to come.

- You are one of only 42 people in history to be the President of the United States.

Sounds great doesn't it?

2. But also imagine that you preside over a country where:

- There are one million teenage pregnancies annually.

- 68% of black children and 22% of white children are born out of wedlock.

- 50% of all girls between 15 and 19 are sexually active.

- Half of all high school seniors report they have used illicit drugs.2

- A nation where a murder takes place every 23 minutes, a rape every six minutes, a robbery every 58 seconds, a burglary every seconds.3

- One hundred thousand of America's children are in prison, four out of ten live in broken homes, seven to fourteen million of these children will become alcoholics, 85 out of every 1,000 have received or will receive psychiatric help. The leading cause of death of young people is now suicide. Juvenile delinquency is increasing seven times faster than the population.

- Pornography is now a $6 billion business. Herpes and Aids have now infected 20.5 million people.4

- The debt is over $4 trillion and it is growing at the rate of $1 billion a day.

- You have an educational system where condoms are in, Bibles are out; guns are in, God is out; sex is in, virginity is out.

- To add insult to injury, 58% ...

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