by James Merritt

"Life's Greatest Work"
By James Merritt
Mark 2:1-12


1. There are many things to which a person can devote his life. But of all the things which you can do with your life, what is life's greatest work? There would be some who would say that diplomacy would be life's greatest work; if somehow you could use your life to bring peace to this world. Think about what a blessing it would be if a peacemaker could step in and stop all wars forever. Can you imagine what would happen if the world
took the over one trillion dollars it spent on military weapons this year and spent it instead on feeding the hungry, and clothing the poor, and finding a cure for cancer and Aids?

2. In fact, some would say life's greatest work would be in the area of medicine. Can you think of a greater work than to find a cure for cancer, Aids, heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure? Just think about how magic cures for these diseases would astronomically lift the life expectancy rate for people around the world.

3. There are those who would say that philanthropy would be life's greatest work; to be rich and to be able to pay for peace; to pay for food and clothing; to finance the research and cure for all of these various diseases.

4. I don't think anybody could argue that these would all be noble causes to which one could give his life. But I want to submit to you that we see in this chapter of the Bible life's greatest work which is bringing people to Jesus. For after all, what is more important, the sickness of the body, or the sin of the soul.

To lose one's wealth is sad indeed,
To lose one's health is more.
But to lose one's soul is such a loss,
That no man can restore.

5. A man immobile, impotent, incapable on his own of coming to Jesus, was brought to Jesus by four men who loved him enough to take him to Jesus and his life was never the same. This man, and what happened to him, is an illustration of life' ...

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