by James Merritt

"Parting is not Sweet Sorrow"
By James Merritt
Genesis 23:1-2


1. Every marriage begins with four words: "Will you marry me?" But far too many marriages are ending with four words: "I want a divorce." I believe because people are not careful enough with the first four words, they become far too careless with the last four words. These four words "I want a divorce" are four words God never intended to be heard in a marriage.

2. But these words are heard far too often right here where we live. Forty percent of this county is single. One of the great reasons is because there is an unusually high ratio of divorces to marriages. In 1987 there were 62 divorces for every 100 marriages in Gwinnett County, compared with the state rate of 50 divorces per 100 marriages.1

3. These words are also heard far too often in our nation. 38% of all first marriages fail. 79% of those divorced will remarry and 44% of those second marriages will fail.2

4. Did you know that before the Civil War divorce was exceedingly rare in this country, and often required legislative action? In 1870 there was only one divorce for every 33.7 marriages. But in the ensuing years the "quickie" divorce has become the standard rather than the exception. So in 1960 one out every four marriages ended in divorce. Today two out of every five marriages end in divorce. In some states you can even purpose a "Do It Yourself" Divorce Kit whereby you can bypass the courts, if you have no children, and get your own divorce.3

5. Today people do not see a marriage as a lifetime commitment, but rather as a ninety-day option. The prevailing attitude is, if the first marriage fails, just keep marrying till you get it right.

6. One woman was married four times. First she married a millionaire, then she married an actor, then she married a minister, and then she married an undertaker. She did all of this on purpose, carefully planning out each marr ...

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