by Johnny Hunt

Johnny Hunt
James 4:6-10, I Peter 5:9
September 22, 2002 p.m. service

INTRODUCTION: Deborah Downes sent me an encouraging
excerpt from Gordon McDonald's book RESTORING YOUR
SPIRITUAL PASSION. I think it will encourage us and
help speak to the devoted.

"I have met many passionate people. They come in all
ages, from all backgrounds, with all sorts of personal
capacities. No two look alike. But you know them
when you see them. They are not hurried; they are not
shrill; they are not out to impress.

You know them because when you come into their
presence, they make you think of Christ. Somehow you
feel that you have just understood a little more of
what it was like to be in the presence of Jesus.

The energy that pushes them along is not the
thunderous noise of a jet, nor the pressure of a
Niagara. It's a quiet energy that you sense even if
you can't see it.

I suppose what I am talking about is best seen up at
Peace Ledge, our New Hampshire retreat. An enormous
rock is in the woods. Rather, two rocks. There used
to be one, but it is split in two. And it is clear
why there is a split.

Long ago water seeped into a crevice, froze and
created a deeper split. Then a seed blew into the
deepened crevice and germinated. From that tiny seed,
a tree began to grow,now there are two rocks and a
tree right in the middle. There is a quiet passion,
quiet, indefatigable, powerful.

That kind of passion quietly splits apart the hardness
of greed, hate and intemperance. It lodges in the
crevices of the home, the church, and society. It
breaks up things and starts something new. That is
the kind of passion we need in this passionless world
of ours. And it comes from people who have decided to
take the time and go to the places and establish
themselves among the people who can help us hear God

Steve Hale wrote an article that also speaks to me.

THE ...

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