by Johnny Hunt

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Johnny Hunt
1 Peter 1:6-7
September 30, 2001

INTRODUCTION: The historical setting of I Peter was
set in the midst of great suffering and persecution.
The city of Rome was burned somewhere between 64-
70A.D. The Romans believed that their emperor Nero
had set the city on fire, probably because of his
incredible lust to build. In order to build more, he
had to destroy what already existed.

The Romans were totally devasted. Their culture, in a
sense, went down with the city. The people were
hopeless and homeless. Many had been killed. Their
bitter resentment was severe, so Nero realized that he
had to redirect the hostility.

The emperor's clever scapegoat was the Christians, who
were already hated because they were associated with
Jews, and because they were seen as being hostile to
the Roman culture. Nero spread the word quickly that
the Christians had set the fires. As a result, a
vicious persecution against Christians began, and soon
spread throughout the Roman Empire, touching places
mentioned in v.1. These "pilgrims" who were probably
Gentiles, for the most part, possibly led to Christ by
Paul and his associates, and established on Paul's
teachings. But they needed spiritual strengthening
because of their suffering. These, the Apostle Peter,
under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, wrote this
epistle to strengthen them.

The purpose of this letter was to teach them how to
live victoriously in the midst of that hostility.

1. Without losing hope.
2. Without becoming bitter.
3. While trusting in the Lord.
4. While looking for the return of Christ.

Peter wished to impress on his readers that by living
an obedient, victorious life under duress, a Christian
can actually evangelize his hostile world.

Satan loves to find Christians whose lives are not
consistent with the Word of God, and then parading
them before the unbelievers to show what a s ...

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