by Johnny Hunt

Johnny Hunt

Hebrews 3:1-6
September 21, 1997

INTRODUCTION: This passage is set before the Hebrews to
remind them of Jesus’ superiority over Moses.

“Moses was esteemed by the Jews far above any other Jew who
ever lived. God had miraculously protected him as a baby and
personally provided for his burial. Between those two points in
his life are miracle after miracle. He was the man to whom
God spoke face to face. He had seen the very glory of God
and, in fact, even had this glory reflected in his own face for a
brief while. After he came down from Sinai, 'The skin of his
face shone because of his speaking with Him’ (Ex. 34:29).
He was the one who led Israel out of Egypt. As Paul stresses in
Romans 2, Jews had great confidence in the law. The Old
Testament commandments and rituals were their supreme
priorities, and to them Moses and the law were synonymous.
The New Testament often refers to the commands of God as
the 'law of Moses’ (Luke 2:22; Acts 13:30; and others).
Moses not only brought the Ten Commandments but he also
wrote the entire Pentateuch, which lays out the Levitical and
other laws that governed everything the Jews did. Moses gave
the plans for the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant.

Some Jews believed that Moses was greater than angels. God
spoke to the prophets in visions, but to Moses He spoke face to
face. He spoke to him in a burning bush. He spoke to him out
of heaven. He spoke to him on Sinai and wrote the
commandments with a finger of fire. He was, above all others,
God’s man.”

Seven different times the writer of Hebrews uses the word
“house” in these six verses. We know from scripture that God
lived with Adam on the earth, but the first record of a dwelling
built for God’s habitation was the tabernacle Moses built.
Moses was given the pattern for it on Mt. Sinai. God’s glory
cloud, called the “shekinah” would hover above the Holy of ...

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