by Johnny Hunt

Motivational Gift: Teaching
Johnny Hunt
Romans l2:6-7

INTRODUCTION: - The gift that serves as the motivating force in your life.


l. The need to validate truth; to certify statements which have been made by others.

Luke's purpose in writing was ''that thou mightest know the certainty of those things, wherein thou hast been instructed'' (Luke l:4)

2. The tendency to validate new truth by established systems of truth.

Luke not only relates Christ's words to Old Testament prophecies, but relates his writings to other Gospel accounts. (Luke l:l-3)

3. The prompting to give teaching credentials before speaking and to get them from others before listening.

Luke emphasized that his sources were eye- witnesses, qualified ministers, and that he himself ''... had perfect understanding of all things from the very first...'' (Luke l:2-3)

4. The desire to present truth in a systematic sequence.

Luke emphasized his chronological approach. ''... To write unto thee in order...'' (Luke l:3)

5. A delight in researching and reporting as many facts on a subject as possible.

Luke's Gospel is the longest Gospel. It includes material left out of other Gospels. He emphasizes the completeness of his work. (Acts l:l)

6. An emphasis on the importance and accuracy of reporting.

Luke gives precise descriptions of events, conversations, circumstances, and physical conditions, such as noting a ''great fever'' not just a fever. (Luke 4:38)

7. An alertness to factual details which are not noticed or mentioned by others.

Luke's account is filled with more details of names, offices, cities, dates, events, and sidelights than the other Gospels. (Gospel of Luke)

8. A tendency to remain silent until information has been heard, observed, and discussed.

Luke's silence is conspicuous in his Gospel; none of his personal statements are recorded. (Gospel of Luke)

9. A need to excercise dilligence and en ...

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