by Johnny Hunt

Motivational Gift: Mercy
Johnny Hunt
Romans l2:8

INTRODUCTION: The driving force in your life. All in life is colored by your motivational gift. It is not a feminine gift. This person must be tough on the outside because they are so tender on the inside. It is believed that 30% of all believers have this gift. Mercy is drawn to prophecy in marriage. This gift can be hurt more than any other person because of their tenderness. Bible character is John.


v.8 "with cheerfulness" - joyful eagerness.

l. An ability to feel an atmosphere of joy or distress in an individual or group

Discern where people are emotionally

2. A tendency to attract people who are having mental and emotional distress.

People gravitate to them; not prophets. Able to project themselves to the hurting. God's gift of cheerfulness and joy to the body. They can weep with others.

3. A desire to remove the causes of hurts rather than to look for benefits from them.

Exhortation says, "let them hurt, God's at work." Mercy, once they see God's plan, can back off but not without hurting for them.

John's message was to get Christians to stop hating and hurting each other. (I John 3:ll, l5).

4. A greater concern over mental joy or distress than physical concerns.

Concern with inner hurt; express not words of concern, but genuine love and help.

5. A sensitivity to words and actions that will help others.

Radar sensitivity
In the flesh they react harshly

6. A tendency to react harshly when intimate friends are rejected.


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