by Johnny Hunt


Mark 10:46-52
January 15, 1995

INTRODUCTION: This passage records the last healing miracle in
the gospel according to Mark. It is the last and, therefore,
climatic miracle performed by Jesus. It provides an example of
one who understood who Jesus was, responded immediately to His
call, despite discouragement from others, believed in Him, and
followed Him as a disciple. The N.T. records more cases of
Jesus' healing those who were blind than any other disease.
This healing enters as an interruption into the events of Jesus'
passion. It reminds me of the main reason He came: to save

This historical event takes place in the city of Jericho.
Jericho was the city of palms; an oasis. It was here that God
gave Joshua victory in the O.T. days. It is also the city of a
tax collector named Zacchaeus. He was the little man that made
a big decision, namely to receive Christ.

Jericho means to smell. It was given the name because of the
rose gardens all over the city, the cyprus, and other fragrant

Bartimaeus is a picture of the condition of people outside the
Lord Jesus, a reminder of what it means to be lost.

Mark sets the scene when Jesus is leaving Jericho on the last
leg of His journey to Jerusalem, just l5 miles away. Passover
is approaching and the road is jammed with pilgrims chatting on
the way to the Holy City. Alongside the road is another crowd,
parade watchers, curiosity seekers, those who are too poor,
sinful, diseased, or too handicapped to make the journey to
Jerusalem. By now, the size of the crowd following after Jesus
h ...

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