by Johnny Hunt


James l:l3-l5

July 8, 1991

INTRODUCTION: Sex is progressive. Each physical move you make
takes you closer to intercourse.

Remember, guys, the lst time you went out w/your special girl,
just the 2 of you? You spend the entire afternoon getting
ready. You took 3 showers (one in aftershave). You worked for
an hour to shave off your l whisker. Then you stood for another
hour in front of the mirror squeezing your zits. Why do you
take all of this time to get ready? Because you know that going
out w/that girl is going to be fun!

Remember, girls, the lst time you went out w/your special guy,
just the 2 of you? You went on a 3 day shopping spree to buy
the right clothes. You fixed your hair l4 different ways before
you got it right. You put on your make-up five times and made 8
phone calls to your girlfriend to see if you were wearing the
right blue earrings. Why? Because you know that going out
w/this guy is going to be fun!

You go out to eat, then to the movies. Once your eyes get
adjusted to the dark theater, guys, you see her hand just
"hanging around" on her arm. Her hand is beautiful; long,
luscious fingers, w/the nails bright red. And the smell! What
is the great stuff she's wearing? As it continues to "hang
around" there, it appears to have a sign on it, "Please take".
Finally, w/all of your courage, you grab that beautiful,
luscious, sweet-smelling hand w/your cold, sweaty, clammy paw.
Your pulse rate is now past l50 and climbing. Could anything be
more wonderful than this?

On the next date you hold hands, and rub arms. T ...

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