by Johnny Hunt

The World's First Marriage
Johnny Hunt
Genesis 2:l8-25


It has been said that the real test of faith is not how you act at church, but how you act at home. In this passage, we see our God building the first home. Someone said the reason this home was so ideal is because there were no ''in-laws''. Others say it is because they didn't have any competition. One day Eve asked Adam, ''Do you really love me?'' ''Who else?''. Since marriage is the highest and deepest of all relationships, let's examine it prayerfully and carefully.


A. Our Lord's Observation. l8

l. Man's Singleness. l8a

Before Adam was aware of his incompleteness without a wife, God anticipated his need
and planned for it. God set out to create a partner for Adam, one exactly suited to him. Adams's wife was in the mind of God long before she was in the arms of Adam.

2. God's Solution. l8b

''helpmeet'' - suitable; a completer; means she was opposite to him and therefore complimentary. Things that go together are often very different; peaches and cream or a violin and a bow. Biblical marriage results from the union of opposites.

Instead of criticizing each other for the differences, couples need to learn how to capitalize on them. When each permits the other to be what he or she was meant to be, nearly total oneness is possible.

B. Our Lord's Operation. v.l9-22

l. Mental Operation. l9-20

Here we see God doing a little psychology on Adam. As Adam named the beasts he made a simple observation that each creature had its mate. God deliberately awakened in Adam a sense of need; an awareness that he hungered for human companionship, and above all, that he needed and wanted a wife.

Illustrate: Adam names the animals. A long-necked one - giraffe; Mr. Rabbit; Mr. Hippo.

2. Physical Operation. 2l-22

First surgery in the Bible.

Matthew Henry said that the woman was taken from Adam's side - not from his head to rule over hi ...

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