by Johnny Hunt


Eccl. 5:18-20
November 7, 1993

INTRODUCTION: God uses Solomon to remind his listeners that
there are some gifts so valuable that they can't be purchased
with money. The ability to enjoy life's blessings is a "gift
from God." Solomon will expand on this thought in 6:1-12. He
points out the unhappiness of people who possess wealth but are
not able to enjoy it. If Solomon were living today, I suspect
he would admit, "I may look successful and secure, but the half
hasn't been told you. I may appear to be fulfilled and happy,
but the half hasn't been told you. My possessions would lead
people to think that I've got it all together. Many may have
the idea that I've got life wired, but those who think that
don't know the other side."

It is much better to receive wealth as a gift from God, along
with the God-given ability to enjoy it, than to see wealth as an
end in itself. Solomon is warning his listeners against the
love of money and the delusions that wealth can bring. Solomon
is affirming once again the importance of accepting our station
in life and enjoying the blessings that God gives to us.

It has been said that if we focus more on the gifts than on the
Giver, we are guilty of idolatry. If we accept His gifts, but
complain about them, we are guilty of ingratitude. If we hoard
His gifts and will not share them with others, we are guilty of
indulgence. But if we yield to His will and use what He gives
us for His glory, then we can enjoy life and be satisfied.
ILLUSTRATE: You can end up with the blessings of life without
the Blesser of life and know nothing but emptiness and misery.

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