by Johnny Hunt

The New Man's Work Ethic
Johnny Hunt
Col. 3:22-4:1

INTRODUCTION: Only one who knows something of the conditions prevailing in the Roman Empire at the time this letter was written can realize how revolutionary they were. In those days wives, children, and slaves had practically no standing before the law, except as husbands, fathers, or masters desire to recognize them, but this glorious truth of the new creation, touched with glory every earthly relationship in which the Christian was found.

Our Heavenly Father is concerned about everything that pertains to the life of the ''new man.'' It can be likened unto the blue border upon the hem of the pious Israelite's garment. Even on the lower edge where that long flowing robe came most nearly in contact with the earth, this ribbon of blue was seen; and blue, as we may know, is the heavenly color. That Israelite was to look upon it and remember that he had owned the Lord to be His God, He Who had said, ''Be ye holy, for I am holy.'' As he looked upon the ribbon of blue, he was to remember his responsibility to honor and to glorify the God of Heaven in his life on the earth, and we as Christians are to manifest the heavenly character in every lawful relationship which God has established during the present order of things for the blessing of mankind.

''There is a story told of one of the Dauphins of France who had an English tutor. This teacher found his princely pupil very difficult to handle. Proud and haughty, and impatient of restraint, the young man submitted unwillingly to school-room restrictions and his foreign instructor was often at his wits' end how to deal with him. One morning as his pupil came to him the tutor placed upon the lapel of his jacket a purple rosette, saying to him, `This is the royal color, and as you wear it I want you to remember that you are the Crown Prince of France, and that it is incumbent upon you ever to behave in a princely way. If you are wil ...

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