by Johnny Hunt


Col. 1:15-19
July 17, 1994

INTRODUCTION: This passage is referred to as the "Hymn to
Christ." It is in this context that we clearly see that Jesus
is the Lord of Creation and the Lord of the New Creation. The
terminology "hymn" does not demand that this was sung in the
congregational worship. It could mean that it was a poetic,
lyrical presentation of theology. The form it takes was
didactical,intended to teach in an easily rememberable fashion.
It is a hymn that reflects the worship of the early church. It
tells us who Jesus is and what Jesus did. It is affirmations of

Remember, the Bible is supremely the book about the Lord Jesus
Christ. The O.T. records the preparation of His coming. The
gospels present Him as God in human flesh, come into the world
to save sinners. Of all the Bible's teaching about Jesus
Christ, none is more significant than Col. 1:15-20. This
dramatic and powerful passage removes any needless doubt or
confusion over Jesus' true identity. It is vital to a proper
understanding of the Christian faith.

Much of the heresy threatening the Colossian church centered on
the Person of Christ. The heretics, denying His humanity,
viewed Christ as one of many lesser descending spirit beings
that emanated from God (came out from; issued). They taught
that a form of philosophic dualism, postulating that spirit was
good and matter was evil. Therefore, a good emanation like
Christ could never take on a body composed of evil matter. The
idea that God Himself could become man was absurd to them.
Thus, they also denied His deity.


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