by Johnny Hunt

ONE NATION - ONE GOD Col. 1:15-19 July 3, 1994 INTRODUCTION: In the first century, Colosse was an
ideological swamp into which three main cultured streams drained.
The first was Hellenism, the vestiges of Greek civilization that
had dominated the world before the Romans. Hellenism
brought a dualistic view of the world, the idea that things are
either material or spiritual. A second stream was a form of
Judaism that tended to be rigid and puritanical, leading to
outright withdrawal from and condemnation of the world. A third
influence was the local pagan culture. This included superstitious occultism and primitive, mystical rites. These three streams blended together into a
pseudo-philosophical swamp that mired the Colossian church in debates,
divisions, and depravity. The problem was one of syncretism.
Syncretism involves the confusion of various ideas, beliefs, and
practices. The synericist has a mind like a blender. The person
throws in notions from any number of systems of thought, even
notions that contradict each other. Then they are ground into a
single philosophical stew to generate a system that satisfies
one's intellectual demands and preferences. RESULT: A
custom-made worldview that invariably leads away from biblical
truth. Sound familiar? QUESTION: Can Christianity compete in
an age of "Star Wars," New Age thinking, and occult metaphysics? Absolutely! In fact, not only can the faith hold its
own, it can be expected to prevail over competing worldviews
and systems
of thought. It happened before at Colosse.
Paul preached that Colosse's greatest need was to
recognize an ...

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