by Dennis Marquardt

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Difficulties with Boredom! (7 of 8)
Series: Difficulties on the Journey
Dennis Marquardt
Numbers 25:1-18

INTRO: When are Christians most tempted to sin, under what circumstances?

1. When everything is going wrong around them?
2. When finances are not good?
3. When they are overwhelmed with too many responsibilities?
4. When they are struggling with physical ailments?
5. When they are struggling with relationships?

The answer might surprise you but it is NONE of the above! It is when we are BORED that the temptation to sin is usually the greatest!

Boredom usually results when we are between 2 things ... the problem and the answer, a period of time we call the "waiting" period. It is during this time of little activity that our faithfulness and commitment get the biggest challenge. It is during these "waiting" periods that we find ourselves restless and can best be challenged by temptation! The old expression, "An idle mind is the Devil's workshop" has more truth to it that we care to admit.

PROP. SENT: The Bible will teach us to be cautious during waiting times in our walk with God, it is during these times we can be most prone to temptation.


A. Waiting! 25:l
1. Israel was camped between two realities, the desert and promise land, they were in a waiting mode!
a. This idleness became the breeding ground for a great temptation!
b. The most powerful temptations will come during such "waiting" times!
2. Israel rarely got into spiritual trouble when it was traveling with God, it was almost always when they were camped out and waiting for the next move.
a. Jesus' greatest temptations came when He was waiting in the wilderness in quiet prayer.
b. Lot's greatest temptations came when he was settled in Sodom and was bored!
c. David's greatest temptation came on one occasion when he stayed home rather than be out fighting with his troops, in his boredom he wandered onto the roof of his palace, saw Ba ...

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