by Dennis Marquardt

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Difficulties with Giants! (3 of 8)
Series: Difficulties on the Journey
Dennis Marquardt
Numbers 13:1-14:45

INTRO: After traveling only about 2 months from Mount Sinai Israel was on the threshold of experiencing God's great blessing and promise to them, the land of promise was just across the river, the place of blessing - full of milk and honey! They were excited at the prospects of receiving God's promise, and then they discovered the "giant" problems that faced them in getting that promise!

This journey of faith is full of promises from God, yet, it also means facing "giant" problems in the process! If we act in faith those giant situations will fall before God, but if we become fearful and turn away we will lose out on many of God's best promises!

How we deal with our "giant" problems will determine the outcome of so many of God's promises to us.

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us to face "giant" problems with faith, to trust in God's promises of help to overcome the giants we face in our life.

I. "GIANT" PRIZE! 13:1-25

A. Anatomy of a Promise 13:1-20

1. God had promised Israel a land "flowing with milk and honey," a delightful land and a wonderful experience!

a. There would be plenty for all of them.
b. They would have cities they could call their own!
c. They would have crops and plenty for them and their children.
d. In most cases they would actually have homes already built, cities already built and crops already planted for them!
e. All they had to do was to go and enter and possess the land, God had promised to drive their enemies out if they would go in faith!

2. It was this "promise land" that inspired them to cross the desert and face the difficulties of the trip!

3. They had dreamed of this place, dreams built solely on God's promises!

4. They had literally bet everything on this promise of God's, they had left the security of Egypt behind. (Although they had been slaves they had learned to live there somewhat sec ...

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