by Dennis Marquardt

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Difficulties about the Way! (1 of 8)
Series: Difficulties on the Journey
Dennis Marquardt
Numbers 10:29-11:3

INTRO: Have you ever noticed how exciting it is when someone has just given birth to a new baby? Everyone is excited, the parents are thrilled to have brought a new healthy baby into the world, and the parents are filled with dreams of what this child's life will be like! The relatives all celebrate with great joy and gift giving, they too dream of all the neat experiences this baby will have and how it will grow to be a great success and make the family proud! Everybody is celebrating this new arrival in the family ... then comes the next several weeks as the journey into life begins!

Now these same jubilant parents are awakened during the night with cries, there are numbers of smelly diapers to change, all of life is interrupted by this new demanding life form! The baby doesn't look like all that hoped for success, he learns through pain what is right and wrong, the road to success is long and full of difficult things! The way is not easy! Yet, we see life as fulfilling and joyous overall, we learn to appreciate the good things and keep faith during the bad times.

This is like the journey of faith for believers; the new birth is exciting AND then comes the "living" stuff, which can be difficult!

Israel experienced the same process when they left Egypt; and so their lessons on the way will teach us about our travel along the way! While there will be difficulties on the way to the promise land we can still be victorious as we go. We need to guard our hearts against bitterness and faithlessness along the tough journey!

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us that the path of righteousness is not always easy, but it is rewarding! There are many difficulties along the way, but faith in Christ will give us victory at all times!


A. Real Future! 10:29-30
1. Moses and Israel had been promised a land flowi ...

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