by Dennis Marquardt

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Ruth Reaping! (3 of 4)
Series: Book of Ruth
Dennis Marquardt
Ruth 3:1-18

INTRO: Did you hear about the farmer that never had time to plant his Spring crops and yet in the Fall he was able to reap a great harvest of wheat from his fields -- or the man who received the "employee of the month" award from a company he worked at but who was lazy and never did any work for them?

Of course not! ... Because they never happened! Why did neither one of these happen, because in both cases the farmer and the lazy man never did the work in order to reap the reward!

In order to reap, either we or someone has to have sown first! This law is followed in all of nature by both man and beast! It is a law of the universe; it is a law of God!

PROP SENT: The Bible teaches us that when we sow in righteousness we reap God's best in our lives, and we also bring God's best to others!


A. Providence 3:1-2
1. As Naomi's bitterness began to die away due to the love of Ruth and her constant ministry to Naomi, Naomi came to realize that she needed to quit focusing on just her own loss and start thinking about Ruth's losses also.
a. Ruth's faithfulness and self-sacrificing had made an impact on Naomi as well as the whole town of Bethlehem.
b. Ruth's faithfulness was creating a desire in others to do something for her.
c. This is an important concept; our needs are best met when we meet other people's needs first!
2. Because of her servant's heart God was at work providentially in her life, it was no accident that she had gone to Boaz's field although she knew nothing about him, it was all part of God's design!
a. God had witnessed Ruth's steadfast love for others, especially Naomi, and He was about to reward Ruth.
b. God takes great delight in blessing those who sow in righteousness!
3. The very service she had rendered to her mother in law in taking care of her would now return to her through her mother in law taking ...

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