by Dennis Marquardt

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Ruth Requesting! (2 of 4)
Series: Book of Ruth
Dennis Marquardt
Ruth 2:1-23

INTRO: Naomi and Ruth found themselves in need; Naomi who had probably once been rich was now poor. Naomi needed help from God and what does she get -- A Moabite daughter-in-law! To some this would not have seemed like an answer to prayer! How could Naomi expect God to help her?

So often we want to have God answer in ways that will raise eyebrows ... in supernatural ways that will awe our friends and ourselves; yet, so often God uses the ordinary things around us to answer our needs, we just need to see them as answers from God!

ILLUS: The story is told about a place down south Where recent excavations for a new highway had Contributed to some flash flood problems. Volunteers Risked their lives to rescue victims stranded in the Deluge. One old man was up to his knees in the fast Rising waters when a rowboat came to rescue him, they Said to him, "hop in, we'll save you!" the man being a Christian responded, "no thanks, the lord will Provide." a short while later a motorboat was sent to Save him, by this time the water was over his waist, But again he refused the offer saying the lord will Save him and provide a way out. Soon the water was up To his chin and now a helicopter came over and they Asked him to grab the rope, this was his last chance, But again he said no saying he would trust the lord to Help him out. The man found himself at the pearly Gates suddenly facing peter, he was mad as a hornet to Realize that he had died and he looked at St. Peter And said, "the last thing I remember I was in trouble, Praying up a storm, so why did you let me drown, why Didn't god answer my request when I trusted in him?" St. Peter looked at him and shook his head and said, "we sent you two boats and a helicopter what more did You want?" -- Source Unknown

Naomi's needs would be met in ways she couldn't have dreamed of, Ruth would meet her needs by simply requesting the rights of th ...

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