by James O. Davis

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The Tribulation and the Second Coming (10 of 17)
Series: Sign Posts on the Road to Armageddon
Dr. James O. Davis


In this message, we look at a synopsis of the tribulation that occurs on earth after the saints are taken to heaven at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in the air. We will end the overview of the Book of Revelation in this message with the good news of our Millennial reign with Christ, the New Jerusalem and eternity with Jesus.

The Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ is often called the apocalypse, the transliteration of the Greek word translated ''revelation.'' It is a word that carries the idea of an ''unveiling.'' In this book is the unveiling of the Person of Christ and of the purposes of God. The Holy Spirit brings us repeated views of Jesus in His glory, and sets before us clear pictures of God's impending purposes for both the human race and this planet on which we live.

The Book of Revelation contains 285 direct and indirect quotes from the Old Testament, more than any other book of the New Testament. Matthew, which has a strong Jewish flavor, has 92 references to the Old Testament. Hebrews, which was written for the Jews, has 102 references.

This preoccupation with the Old Testament is significant. It suggests that the Book of Revelation anticipates a time when God will deal primarily with Jews and Gentiles as the Church is no longer here. This truth is endorsed by the Book itself because, after chapter three, there is no further direct reference to the Church until the closing remarks in the last chapter, verse 16.

Much can be said about the structure of Revelation. One evident fact is that it seems to alternate between scenes in heaven and earth. The structure is complicated by the fact that its basic chronological sequence of events is constantly interrupted by parenthetical passages that provide comments on the action described in the chronological segments of the Book. Remember, when interpreting the ...

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