by James O. Davis

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The Type of the Second Coming (3 of 17)
Series: Sign Posts on the Road to Armageddon
Dr. James O. Davis
Jude 14, 15


Enoch appears only three times in the Word of God. In Genesis chapter 5:21-24, we are told of his birth, that he walked with God, that he gave birth to a son, and that he was raptured into heaven. In Hebrews 11:5, we read that he pleased God and that he was translated into heaven. In Jude, verses 14-15, we learn that he preached to the ungodly of his day and warned them of the coming of the Lord in judgment. In these two short verses, Jude refers to what Enoch saw concerning the Second Coming of Jesus in the Book of Genesis, and 6,000 years later, what he saw about the Lord's coming "with ten thousands of His saints to bring judgment upon this wicked world."

In Enoch's day there were two kinds of people on the earth: the descendants of Seth and the descendents of Cain. The descendents of Cain lived for this world. They are found in Genesis four in the marketplaces and cities of art, science and industry. It was man doing man's thing to build a pain-free, pleasure-filled society.

The descendents of Seth did not live for this world, but for the world to come. They are found in Genesis chapter 5. Here the Word of God does not take us to the marketplace but to the morgue. In fact, throughout Genesis 5 we read, repeated over and over, "And he died...and he died...and he died..." Every time we see those words, we are reminded that the devil is a liar. He had told Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:4, "Go ahead and sin, you won't die." God had told them, as sure as you break the commandment of the Lord, you will die.

Even though Genesis began in a Garden, it ended in a grave. It started with a beginning, but ended with a burial. It ended with Joseph dying and being buried because when man sins, man will die.

It is worth noting that the Bible says two things of the Sethites that it does not say of the Canaanites. Of the godly people ...

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