by Daniel Rodgers

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Stewardship and Our Standards (7 of 9)
Series: Responsible Stewardship
Dan Rodgers
2 Timothy 2:19-22
August 6, 2003


1. This evening I want us to consider the title of our message; "Stewardship and Standards."

2. We are living in a day of "no standards." If you do not believe that is true, just visit an airport and observe the people who travel. Just visit your average restaurant or grocery store, or work place, or public school. . .or simply walk down the street. You won't be surprised to see that people have changed quite a bit over the years.

3. If you want to see the biggest change of all, visit some of the churches in the area. On second thought, don't visit them; be in your own church when the doors are open.

4. Some people will say, "Oh, but it is really what's in the the heart that matters. We shouldn't judge people by what they wear or the music they listen to, or the activities they participate in--Jesus is more concerned about what's on the inside." Friend, He's concerned about both.

5. God has made us stewards over our public and private testimony. He has made us stewards over our lives and our bodies--they way we live, the things we do, and the standards we live by (vv. 20, 21).

6. Let's put down a brief outline. . .


A. Every Christian ought to have them

1. There needs to be in place in the life of every Christian a set of guidelines, a policy or set of standards, by which one lives:

a. These standards can have to do with music, dress, entertainment, reading material, the choice of friends, etc., etc.

b. Our standards reflect who we are. . .and, I might add; who we belong to.

B. Every Christian ought to practice them

1. Notice (vs.22)

2. It's one thing to have good standards, it is quite another to practice them. If we say we believe a certain thing, then people ought to be able to see us "practice what we preach."

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