by Daniel Rodgers

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Tears of Pain (5 of 6)
Series: Tears for Every Occasion
Dan Rodgers
Revelation 21:4
May 21, 2003


1. Thus far in our studies, we have talked about tears of joy, the tears of repentance, tears of regret, and last week, the tears of grief. Tonight our subject will be on "the tears of pain."

2. When we think about pain, we understand that there are many kinds of pain one can endure. This evening I want limit our discussion to just three areas: physical pain, emotional pain, and spiritual pain.


ILLUS: As a Chicago policeman was about to write a ticket for a double-parked car, the owner of the car ran up to the officer and explained that he "always double-parks when he visits his dentist." He said, "I like to have something to worry about to keep my mind off the pain." (1)

1. That's a little humorous, but the truth of the matter is that physical pain is not very funny. Who do you know that ever hit his finger with a hammer and laughed? If you know someone like that, you better contact the appropriate people so they can be committed.

a. Let me say two things about physical pain:

A. Physical pain can debilitate us

1. There are folks who suffer such excruciating pain that it completely impairs them from being able to function in every day normal life.

ILLUS: I talked with little 15 year-old Julie Young yesterday. As you know, she has been taking chemotherapy treatments for some time. She said the "nausea and discomfort have been terrible."

2. As a pastor, I have watched many people suffer. I have seen the tears flow. I have witnessed pain and suffering that others can only imagine.

ILLUS: About 5 years ago, I visited an 80 year-old woman in Mercy Hospital. In the bed next to her was a woman who was probably about 70 years of age. She had cancer of the face. It was a horrible sight. The flesh had eaten away her face. She had no nose, most the flesh was gone from around her t ...

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