by Daniel Rodgers

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Tears of Grief (4 of 6)
Series: Tears for Every Occasion
Dan Rodgers
II Samuel 1:11, 12
May 14, 2003


1. This evening our subject will be on the tears of grief. Of course, when we mention the word "grief," we are immediately struck with the very significance of the word.

a. When we think of grief, we think of sorrow, of loss, of extreme emotional pain. Many times our days and nights are filled with tears, as we grieve over situations and losses beyond our control.

1) Such was the case with David when he received the news that Saul and his son, Jonathan, had been slain (vs.12).

ILLUS: Last week Lee Lawrence buried his brother, Morris. Morris was only 71 years old. In today's world, he wasn't considered such an old man. It is hard to say, "goodbye" to a brother.

ILLUS: A few days ago, my wife's brother buried his daughter. What a hard thing to bury a child. I can tell you, there was a lot of grieving going on in that family.

ILLUS: On June 22, 1976, we placed our little girl, Deanna Maria, in a grave behind the church where we were saved. Deanna was 9 months and 2 weeks old. It was a hard time for my wife and me.

ILLUS: I think of the many American soldiers who have given their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq. Their loved ones will never to see them again--at least, not this side of heaven. Oh, the grief we bare when we lose someone precious to us.

2. Let me just pause for a moment and say, "thank God for tears of grief." Not for the grief itself-the loss, but for the tears that help us bear the burden.

POEM: High Thomson Kerr (1871-1950)

O sacred sorrow, he who knows not thee,
Knows not the best emotions of the heart,
Those tender tears that humanize the soul,
The sign that charms, the pang that gives delight.

3. Let me give you a brief outline...

I. Tears of grief help release the pain
II. Tears of grief help calm the heart
III. Tears of grief help adjust our priorities

I. ...

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