by Daniel Rodgers

Things Don't Happen by Chance
Dan Rodgers
I Samuel 6:1, 2, 8-13

Our text this morning is found in I Samuel, chapter 6. You know the story well. Israel had lost a battle against the Philistines. The Philistines had taken the Ark of the Covenant and placed it in their house of worship next to their heathen idol, Dagon.

As a result, it brought much trouble to the much so, that they were in a hurry to get rid of it:

TEXT: I Samuel 6:1, 2, 8-13 (vs.9b), "...but if not, then we shall know that it is not his hand that smote us; IT WAS A CHANCE THAT HAPPENED TO US.


1. The Philistines hadn't gotten the message. They still thought everything that had happened to them might just have been by chance:

a. They had short memories. They already knew that the Ark of God, belonging to Israel, represented the very presence of God (I Sam. 4). This was the God they refused to believe in. Their God was Dagon.

b. God made short work of their false idol, smashing it to pieces. Then He afflicted the Philistines with boils. Look at (5:9)

c. Still, in (6:9), the Philistines thought, "Maybe this was just a stroke of bad luck, maybe this was some kind of freak happening - a "chance" happening." 2. On Saturday, January 1st, 7 of our astronauts lost their lives, when the space shuttle Columbia, exploded and disintegrated on re-entry.

a. Was that by chance? Was it just some kind of fluke - a mishap, a tragic ending to the lives of 7 people because certain tiles were not properly attached to the shuttle? Or, did God have a hand in it?

3. Just a side note: My wife and I were sitting and discussing the shuttle the other day, when she said, "Had you thought about this? The shuttle left on the 16th of January, it was gone for 16 days, and it was to land in 16 minutes when it exploded?"

ARTICLE: Here's something else a little interesting. In an article written by Joe Kovacs of the World Net Daily, Wednesday, the 5t ...

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