by Daniel Rodgers

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Hannah's Source of Discouragement (6 of 6)
Series: A Character Study on Discouragement
Daniel Rodgers
1 Samuel 1:1-19


1. In our story this evening we find Hannah weeping. She is weeping for at least two reasons: first, that she was not able to bare children; secondly, that she was being made fun of and being mocked because she had no children.

2. Our message tonight will center around Hannah's burden, her source of discouragement, and how she was able to resolve the issues that confronted her.

I. The Reason for Her Burden
II. The Source of Her Discouragement
III. The Resolution of Her Problem


1. Two things:

A. She was barren (vs.2)

1. Hannah's burden came from not being able to have children.

a. We are reminded of another woman like that. Her name was Sarah. Sarah was also barren, and she, too, was mocked - she was mocked by Abraham's concubine, Hagar.

2. We, as men, have no idea what it is like to carry that kind of a burden. However, I have counseled quite a few women over the years who have shared their grief with me.

a. It must certainly be one of the most difficult experiences for any woman. There is a natural desire for a woman to want children. This is God's intended design for them.

3. A side note: I read an article this week that said, ''America's women have aborted over 45 million pregnancies since the Roe verses Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973.''

a. It is so strange that some women, somehow, have been able to bypass that natural instinct and desire to have children.

1) God's plan for a woman is to bare children, and then be willing to live for them. The word is ''sacrifice.'' It requires a significant part of a woman's life in order to do that.

2) Somehow, some woman have been able to replace what God has put in their heart with a desire to live for self.

3) Self says, ''It is too inconvenient to have children now.'' Self says, ''Children will take to ...

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