by Daniel Rodgers

Can God Use Me?
Dan Rodgers
Acts 9:1-6; 10-16


1. Let me give you three points to my message:

I. Maybe
II. Yes
III. Without a doubt

2. Let's begin with our first point. The question? Can God Use Me?" The answer?


A. It depends on the relationship you have with God

1. Before God could use Paul, Paul had to get saved. He had to be willing to give his heart, life and soul to God:

a. (vs.18)

2. When a person comes to this church and wants to join, the first question I ask is, "Are you saved?' The problems that many churches experience today could be greatly diminished if they made certain every member knew the Lord.

B. Again, the question: "Can God use me?" The answer, "Maybe." It depends on your relationship with God. SECONDLY IT DEPENDS ON YOUR ATTITUDE:

1. Just because a person is saved and knows the Lord, does not necessarily qualify him/her for service. The attitude must be right:

a. Are you mature, are you flexible, is your attitude right? Are you willing to do what you do for Christ's sake, and not your own glory?

1) There are three things that are important when it comes to being used of God: Attitude, attitude, and attitude:

2) 1 Cor. 9:17, "For if I do this thing willingly, I have a reward."

ILLUSTRATION: William Ellis, in his book, WRONG ATTITUDE, gives the following: The fellow who stayed home in the story of the Prodigal Son and then complained because they celebrated the return of his sinful brother was like a lot of religious people. He did everything right, but in the wrong spirit. He was like a beautiful peach that had rotted on the inside. He looked good on the outside, but he was rotten to the very heart."

2. Unfortunately, there are some of God's people who are like that. That have all the right blocks checked they look good on the outside - they know all the right words, but the attitude is all-wrong. God help us to have the right attitude.

3. Sec ...

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