by Daniel Rodgers

A Charge to the Preacher
Dan Rodgers
II Timothy 4:1-5
February 2, 2003


1. Paul is writing to young Timothy, who had been called as a preacher, an evangelist, and a pastor. His letter to Timothy was a charge to be faithful to his calling.

2. What was his calling? It was to do the things mentioned in (vs.2).

a. The reason he was to do these things is found in (vv. 3, 4).

3. May I submit to you, many pastors today are doing a poor job of preaching and teaching God's Word. More churches are concerned about growth and how to fill a sanctuary, than they are with molding people into mature, knowledgeable saints.

ILLUSTRATION: A pastor once asked a class of Sunday School children, "Who broke down the walls of Jericho?" A boy answered, "Not me, sir!" The pastor was rather upset at the boy's ignorance of such a simple truth. He asked the teacher, "Is this typical?" She replied, "I believe this boy is honest, and I really don't think he did it." Completely shocked, the pastor went to the head deacon. "I've known the boy and the teacher for years," said the deacon, "and neither of them would do such a thing."

Aghast, the pastor went to the Christian Education Board. "Pastor," said the chairman, "let's not make an issue of this. Let's just pay for the damage and charge it to maintenance." (1)

3. Three points:


A. Authority for the charge (vs.1)

1. Paul lays upon Timothy the solemn charge of faithfully carrying out his ministry. This sacred responsibility is not based upon any personal whim of Paul, it is made before God and the Lord Jesus Christ - the highest Authority.

a. The best thing you can do for yourself and for your pastor is submit to his leadership and teaching. Why? Because he is accountable to God for the sheep placed under his care, and you are accountable to learn.

1) 1 Peter 5:2, "Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof."

2) ...

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