by Daniel Rodgers

September 11th: In Remembrance
Dan Rodgers
Ecclesiastes 7:1-4, 14


1. This coming Wednesday, the 11th, America will remember and mourn the tragic loss of life in New York City, when two commandeered airliners were flown into the twin towers; and then the subsequent horrific crash of another plane into the Pentagon. Moments later, the news came to us of a fourth plane crashing into a field in Pennsylvania.

a. It is a day none of is will ever forget...the grief, the shock--the absolute numbness that gripped our souls, as we watched the collapse of these buildings, taking with them thousands of lives:

1) There were moms and dads, children and grandchildren, brothers and sisters - people not only from America, but from many other foreign countries, as well.

2. Then, how can we ever forget the hundreds of brave policemen, firemen and emergency medical workers who lost their lives?

a. And when we think of heroes, we are reminded of the unselfish actions of the passengers and crew of flight 93. These men rushed the terrorists, forcing the plane down in a field, rather than allowing it to reach its target. Only heaven knows how many more lives were saved because of their bravery.

3. There are many things we could say about September 11th, but what I would like to focus our attention on this morning, are the verses in our text, as they relate to the heartache of that fateful day.

a. It is too bad that suffering is a daily part of life. It is unfortunate that grief has to enter our lives at times. However, Solomon, in his wisdom, tells us that in mourning and sorrow, we learn things we will never learn from laughter and mirth. One of the things we have been reminded of since the events of ''9/11'' is...


1. Ecclesiastes tells us that we can learn more from mourning than we can from feasting, we learn more from sorrow than we do from laughter (vv. 3, 4).

A. Mourning causes us to think about the inevitab ...

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