by Daniel Rodgers

Are You Prepared for Life's Surprises?
Dan Rodgers
Ecclesiastes 9:12

DEF: The word "evil" in this verse does not refer to "sinful, or evil" in the sense of our normal understanding of the word. Strong's concordance defines the word as "adversity, affliction, something bad, calamity, displeasure, distress, grief, sorrow or trouble."

1. Notice again, the last part of our verse: "As the birds that are caught in the snare; so are the sons of men snared in an evil (troublesome) time, WHEN IT FALLETH SUDDENLY UPON THEM.

a. Circle the word "suddenly." The word "Suddenly" has the idea of "surprise," to be taken back by something completely unexpected.

ILLUSTRATION: In 1936 Ralph Neves, a famous jockey, was riding his horse in a race at Bay Meadows. The horse tripped as he entered the stretch and threw Ralph headfirst into the rail. The track doctor rushed to his side, but he was too late. He could find no pulse; Ralph was dead. The ambulance came anyway and rushed Ralph Neves to the hospital. After several attempts to revive him, he was pronounced dead and covered with a sheet. The people at the racetrack were in shock. Ralph's wife had been called to meet with the president of the racetrack. The jockeys were taking a collection for the widow. Then, to everyone's complete surprise, Ralph Neves came walking into the clubhouse. The jockeys screamed, his wife fainted, and Ralph told his story. He said, "I knew I didn't feel dead, even if I was sore all over." He spoke out to the doctor through the draped sheet, so they rushed him on a gurney into a room. Ralph thought that was a waste, so he put on his clothes, rode to the track in a cab, and rode the horse, Instigator, in the seventh race that same day.

(TITLE: The God Of Great Surprises AUTHOR: Dr. Bill Ankerberg, Homewood Church; Homewood, Illinois DATE: 4/7/96)

2. Life is full of surprises, isn't? Things happen that we never expect to have happen. People's lives are sometimes changed by the event ...

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