by Daniel Rodgers

The Old Fashioned Way
Dan Rodgers
Deuteronomy 32:7
April 28, 2002

1. Psalm 77:5, "I have considered the days of old, the years of ancient times."

2. Psalm 143:5, "I remember the days of old; I meditate on all thy works; I muse on the work of thy hands."

3. Isaiah 25:1, "O Lord, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth."

4. Today we are celebrating "Old Fashioned Day." And I think that's a good thing. I think it's good to remember the old days and the old ways of doing things.

ILLUS: Kitty and I were watching a program the other night about the Hudson River. They had some old film footage from around the turn of the century, showing some of the amazing logging that took place in that part of the country. They would cut the trees, and then they would float them down the Hudson River. They way the removed the logs from the forest was with horses. They called it "snaking logs." They would hook up a couple of Clydesdale Horses, wrap chains around the logs and snake them out of the forest to the river. My wife's father used to snake logs in North Carolina. Even though they had machines that could remove the logs more easily, people would often call on him to pull the logs out with his horses in order to prevent damage to the land by huge forest machines. And so, in this case, the old way was still best.

5. You know, I happen to think there is still great value in some of the old ways. Of course, we are all grateful for the technological advances we have witnessed in the last century. Life has been made more comfortable:

a. We have air conditioners, computers, microwaves, cell phones, faster transportation, (no offense to our friends with the horses, but I'm glad I don't have to ride a Clydesdale back and forth to work every day).1) There are some things in life, however, that can never be improved upon, things that technology ...

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