by Daniel Rodgers

A Better Day Is Coming
Dan Rodgers
Psalm 31:24


1. Read Psalm 71:5
2. Read Proverbs 13:12
3. Read Lament. 3:26
4. Read Romans 15:13

5. Have you ever felt like life was just about as miserable as it could be? I mean, you wondered if you would ever again see light at the end of the tunnel or another rainbow?

a. We all experience good days and bad days. We all have the ups and downs, smooth roads and rough roads, valleys and mountaintops. We all know what its like to be in the dumps.

6. And don't you just hate it when you are in one of those low spots in life, and someone says, "Don't feel so bad, you could be like so and so"; or, "If you had it like brother Smith, your problems would seem light."

a. You kinda want to say, "Go jump off the bridge would ya?"

7. The truth of the matter is that there is always someone who has life a little more miserable and inconvenient than we do. . .

ILLUSTRATION: The story is told of Nicholas, a Russian man, who saves his rubles for twenty years to buy a new car. After choosing the model and options he wants, he's told that it will take two years for the new car to be delivered. He accepts the bad news - but he's used to life in Russia. As he reaches the door he pauses and turns back to the salesman. "Do you know which week two years from now the new car will arrive?"

The salesman checks his notes and tells the man that it will be two years to the exact week. Nicholas writes down the date and turns for the door, but then hesitates, "Could you possibly tell me what day of the week two years from now the car will arrive?"

The salesman, mildly annoyed, checks his notes again and says that it will be exactly two years from this week, on Thursday.

Nicholas once again starts to leave. Halfway though the door, he stops, turns back, and walks up to the salesman.

"I'm sorry to be so much trouble, but do you know if that will be two years from now on Thursday i ...

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