by Ed Rowell

Maintaining Your Integrity
Ed Rowell

Several years ago, the owner of a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant began preparing to make a bank deposit. He took all his receipts, made out his deposit slips, then put it all in a chicken bucket so it would not be noticed when he walked out the door.

He walked to the back to get his coat, leaving the bucket next to the cash register. One of his sales people had taken a drive-through order, and after he took their money, he mistakenly handed them the wrong bucket!

Well, obviously the owner was furious. As he was chewing out the employee, telling him how long it would take him to work off the loss, a car drove up to the drive-up window. When someone finally asked for their order, the voice said, "I think you gave us the wrong bucket."

Well, the owner changed his attitude right away. He was so grateful and impressed that they had returned his money. He just couldn't believe that in this day and age, someone would be that honest. "Let me call the newspapers and television stations," he said. "This kind of integrity must be publicized."

"Oh no!" said the man in the car. "Oh, yes!" Said the owner. You are just what people need today, a role model for honesty and integrity." "But I can't!" said the man in the car. He paused, then leaned toward the KFC owner and said, "I can't take a chance on someone seeing me. I'm with my girlfriend, and if my wife finds out, she'll kill me!"

Integrity: It's a rare thing these days. According to the dictionary, integrity means "Adherence to a code of values" In other words, living out what we say we believe. Should Christians be people of integrity? The vast majority of people would say, "Of course." Integrity for a Christian means that the actions of our life and the attitudes of our mind are compatible with those of Christ in every way.

But are we people of integrity? Is there a distinct difference in the integrity of the church as compared ...

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