by Ed Rowell

Standing on the Brink
Ed Rowell
Joshua 3

Remember Y2K? After a year's long build up, the year 2000 came in with a whimper. The lights stayed on, the gas and water still worked, and there was still food on the grocery store shelves and money in the ATMs. Most places, it was business as usual.

Today, we'll proclaim that we knew all along nothing major would happen. But most of us stocked up on bottled water and toilet paper, "just in case." We'll all say we were sick of the hype, and yet, many of us felt just a little sense of anticipation and we hoped for a bit of adventure. It reminded me of when I was a kid, and we heard the weather report for snow. We lay awake that night, wondering what the morning would bring.

For a while there, it really felt like 2000 might bring something different, something besides "business as usual." If not worldwide anarchy, at least a clean slate, a fresh start. We knew for sure that this would be the year we'd lose weight, start that retirement fund, read the Bible through or whatever other goal we've always set but never reached.

One year passed, then another. And now we're on the brink of 2002 and things haven't changed all that much.

Many of us have a bit of the post-holiday blues this morning. A little down, and little jaded. We've spent too much money, eaten too much rich food, watched too many Christmas specials and read too many articles summing up the greatest achievements or greatest people or greatest recipes of the millennium. Tomorrow morning most of us will go back to work and discover the phones still work, and the corny jokes are still coming by email and the boss still expects us to make bricks without straw. Business as usual.

Did we miss some great opportunity to get a fresh start? Or are we really on the brink of something significant, in our society, our personal lives, and in this community of faith? I believe the answer is entirely up to you.

This morning I want to read a passage of Script ...

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