by Eddie Snipes

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The Rapture of the Church (1 of 3)
Eddie Snipes

Even though many groups deny the rapture, the Bible clearly teaches that there is a rapture of God's people when Christ returns. I can understand why there is a debate as to when the rapture will occur, but I can't identify with groups who deny the rapture will happen at all. I have had people tell me that the word 'rapture' is not found in the Bible therefore it is unbiblical. The word 'sermon' also is not found in the Bible, but preaching a sermon is clearly taught in the Bible. There are many words that are not found in the Bible but we use to represent biblical principles that are taught in the Scriptures.

I realize that many people have predetermined not to believe certain biblical doctrines that do not align with the beliefs they cling to, however, many people don't believe simply because they have not been exposed to the Bible's teaching on this topic. My hope is that in this message we will gain a deeper understanding of this teaching of scripture and also avoid the pitfalls of putting doctrine into a box that we have created. We all come to the table with ideas and beliefs, therefore, we need to understand the importance of drawing our doctrine from scripture and not overlaying scripture with our beliefs. When we lay our beliefs onto scripture, we filter out anything that doesn't fit our mold. When we overlay scripture, we interpret scripture based on predetermined beliefs instead of allowing scripture to interpret scripture and shape our beliefs.

It is difficult to avoid forcing scriptures into our mold if we stay on the superficial level. We need to dig deep into God's word and allow the Bible to teach the meaning of scripture. No scripture stands alone. We should not hold one single doctrine that is derived from a single passage; the Bible is one complete revelation. From Genesis to Revelation, God is revealing His character, His plan, and our role in His plan. If we cannot confirm a doctrine w ...

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