by Eddie Snipes

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Demoting God (4 of 10)
Eddie Snipes
Genesis 15:6, 17:4, Deuteronomy 11:26-28, 29:29, Psalm 21:13, 24:1, 62:11, 68:35, Jeremiah 5:30-31, 27:5, Daniel 4:34-37, Matthew 6:10, James 4:2-4, 4:13-16, 1 John 5:14-15, Revelation 19:1

There are many examples where the Word-Faith doctrine demotes God. I will try to get a cross section so we can get a clear overview of how this movement views God. Understanding who God is may be the most essential part of the Christian doctrine. A weak god is no god at all. The entire Bible declares God's power, majesty and incomprehensible wonder. However, we will see that this is not the god of the Word-Faith movement. In this section, we will look at four areas where God is demoted by false teachers and we will compare this doctrine to scripture. We will examine God's power, Dominion, His will and the failure of God according to Word-Faith teachers. Let's begin with a look at God's power.

False Teaching About God's Power

Faith is God's sources of power. God cannot work for you apart from your faith. - Kenneth Copeland

Charles Capps

Some think that God made the earth out of nothing, but He didn't. He made it out of something. The substance God used was faith. He used His words as a carrier of that faith.

Faith-filled words brought the universe into being and faith-filled words are ruling the universe today. - E. W. Kenyon

According to these leaders in the Word-Faith movement, God is powerless; only faith has the power. The Word-Faith doctrine is simple, but erroneous. Faith is the force - or the power behind everything and fear is the destructive power against that force. Words are containers. We fill our words with the power of the force we choose. We can fill our words with faith and spur God into action or we can fill them with fear and spur the devil into action. Either way, we are the ones in command of both God and the devil.

It is the Christian's responsibility to recognize the discrepancies between these t ...

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