by Eddie Snipes

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Choose Your God (6 of 6)
Eddie Snipes
Genesis 1:1, 3, 11, 20, 27; Romans 5:12,14-17; Psalm 139:13-18; Isaiah 42:5-8

In this section, I want to show that 'Evolution' itself is the god of evolutionist. It is given life, a spirit, intelligence, reason, humor, the power to design and create, it has a plan and uses strategy to implement that plan. By the words of evolutionists themselves, evolution has the same credentials as God. I do think it is ironic that evolution is praised as a non-religious answer to disprove God, but then is praised as though it were a god.

Carl Sagan praised evolution as the product of the Cosmos. He made a point to capitalize cosmos the same way that Christians capitalize God. Sagan even altered the Christian doxology to substitute Cosmos for God. Yet at the same time, he criticized religion as non-scientific.

Though evolutionists adamantly deny that evolution is a religion, their own words contradict them. These quotes are taken directly from the sources referenced. Many will say that they don't worship evolution. However, if you are getting your beliefs from those who worship creation, your beliefs are intended to point you to their god. Let's look and compare the god of evolution, as defined by evolution itself, to the God of the Bible. Then let us choose which God we will follow.

Who is the Creator

Evolution does not deny creation, it attempts to take credit for it. You can hardly read a book or watch a nature program where it is not said that 'evolution created', or 'evolution designed' something. In my research for this article, this was the number one phrase that stuck out. I had hundreds of phrases to choose from in a matter of minutes, so I chose three.


Evolution's theme seems to be "pain is good". It helps keep us away from things that are invariably unhealthy. This is how evolution works. It designs systems to help us survive.

Though the word 'create' was not used here, Nature Safa ...

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