by Eddie Snipes

Theistic Evolution
Eddie Snipes
2 Peter 3:8; Psalm 8:3-4; Colossians 2:8-9; Romans 1:24-25

Is 'Theistic Evolution' consistent with scripture? Theistic evolution is the philosophy that God used evolution to create the world. Those who teach this claim that God started creation and then allowed natural processes to evolve us into what we are today. One thing that amazes me is how people will see hidden doctrine between the verses of scripture but can't see or even deny the plain truth presented in scripture. By the end of this study, I think you will see clearly that evolution is completely incompatible with scripture. My goal is not to force anyone to believe what they don't want to believe. My hope is that you will see and choose truth, but my goal is to force a decision. I want this to be a fork in the road. The Bible commands that we compare teaching to the revealed word of God. We are commanded to test all things in light of scripture and then choose what is good, and abstain from all that is evil - or contrary to God's word. I want to begin by summarizing the 'Gap Theory' or 'Theistic Evolution'.

The Gap Theory
This is based on the assumption that there is a pause between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Verse two says, the earth was without form and void. The Gap Theory claims that there is a break between these two passages that we can't see. God created a world that was later destroyed in judgment. Genesis 1:2 picks up after the judgment has occurred.

There are a few 'proofs' that Theistic Evolutionists use as evidence. It is presented that God created the heavens (plural), which would imply that this is at least the second time heaven was created. It is then argued that Genesis 1:28 in the KJV says that God commanded man to replenish the earth, possibly implying that man was destroyed. The same word is used in Genesis 9:1 when Noah was commanded to replenish the earth after the flood. In Genesis 1:2, ...

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