by Eddie Snipes

Wars and Rumors of Wars
Eddie Snipes
Luke 21:9-13, 34-36

One question I have been continuously asked since the bombing of the World Trade Center is, 'Do you think this is the beginning of the end?' As we watched in shock the terrible events unfold before our eyes, who can help but wonder if this could be a sign of the times? We have all heard our leaders calling this an act of war and calling for a warring response. Who can tell if this will be a quick retaliation or the spark that could ignite a major war? Some warn that we should not attack because it will cause World War 3, others say we must react or we are opening the door to lawlessness. As we saw the fearful pictures of the two greatest icons of American achievement burning and then collapsing, we also saw comfort and security collapse with it. When America's false sense of security was shattered, people once content and secure now feel the cracks in the foundation. I see anger and outrage, but also fear and insecurity. How does this affect the Christian? Are we at the end? Is the prophecy in fulfillment, a sign of the times, or just a tragic event?

Let me say first to be very wary of anyone who predicts God's next move or claims to have a model of the end times. The Bible does tell us what to expect, but we are given signs, not predictions - at least not prediction that we can use to guess ahead of God. The purpose of prophecy is to show us that God is in control so that we are not afraid. We can see and have confidence in God. His plan does not center around our comfort, but our hope in our eternal reward. In wake of this tragedy, I feel the need to look at how the Bible tells us to view end time events and tragedies. I was in the Army during the Gulf War and I listened to all the false predictions and all the Bible experts mapping out the events to come next. We all know how it ended. All the predictions failed and those who believed the 'prophets' were left wondering if the Bible is true. It wasn ...

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