by Eddie Snipes

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Revelation - The Purpose of the Book (1 of 4)
Eddie Snipes

In this study from the book of Revelation, I am not going to take the normal approach of looking at the prophetic predictions of this book. Instead, I am going to look at the deep spiritual applications that fill this book. Because most people look only at the prediction of future events, the greater benefits are overlooked. Prophecy in the Bible does not always mean predictions. Prophecy means to proclaim the purposes of God through divine inspiration. Sometimes the purposes of God are veiled in mystery and predictions, other times, God's purposes are proclaimed clearly for everyone to understand. Prophecy was never intended to be a tool for predicting God. When God foretells future events, it is usually impossible to predict how these events will be fulfilled with any real certainty. When people try to predict God, they are almost always wrong. Prophecy (or the proclaimed truth) for individuals is clearly revealed in the word of God. The purpose of truth as it applies to individuals was intended to be precise and understood so that we can live our lives in fellowship with God as He intended. Lifestyle prophecy is not shrouded in mystery but can be understood by anyone who is in Christ because the Holy Spirit teaches us what the world can't understand (1 Corinthians 2:14).

The prophecy of God's plan for the world is shrouded in mystery and can't be accurately unfolded beforehand. Those who try to predict God fall into error for several reasons.

First and foremost, God never intended to be predicted. The main reason for the prediction of future events is to give us hope and reveal to us that when these things happen, we can draw confidence knowing God is in control. Without this foreknowledge, the trying times of prophesied would dishearten believers because on the surface would appear that God is not on the scene if He hadn't foretold the things that will happen.

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