by Eddie Snipes

Walking by Faith and Blameless
Eddie Snipes
Genesis 17:1-11

Abraham is the forefather of faith in Christ. Abraham wasn't justified by works, but by trusting God. The works followed, but he was justified before he carried out any acts of religious works.

God revealed Himself
Abraham's journey of faith began by God revealing Himself to Abraham. Abraham did not seek out God, but God sought and called Abraham. That has never changed. No one decides to find God. We may think we are the one searching, but in reality God is working in our lives to draw us to Himself. God deals with people in different ways. Some people hit rock bottom and then are driven to look for God. Some people are drawn to intellectually search for answers through knowledge or religion and eventually find God. Some people see God in the lives of others and some have chance encounters and someone shares the gospel with them. There are countless ways people find Christ, but all of these have one thing in common, God's unseen hand drawing others to Himself. Jesus taught this principle in the following passages: (read texts)

John 6:44
Matthew 11:27-28

The Bible expressly tells us that no one can come to the knowledge of Christ and find salvation unless the Father draws him. We are all drawn by the unseen hand of God. Through circumstances, problems or just the emptiness inside that God stirs to make us search for something more. Scripture makes it clear that the Father draws us to the Son and no one can come to the Father except through the Son, Jesus Christ. Or as Acts 4:12 puts it, Jesus Christ is the only "name under heaven given to us by which we must be saved". You cannot find God unless He draws you and you cannot have salvation without Christ. We are drawn to Christ for our salvation. This hasn't changed since the beginning. Abraham's faith was in God through the promise that would one day be fulfilled in Christ.

Abraham's relationship with God began with God revealing Himself. ...

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