by Eddie Snipes

Waiting for God
Eddie Snipes
Genesis 16:1-4; Genesis 17:18-22

As we learn to walk by faith, we struggle to wait on God. We get ahead of Him and we produce our own works. However, God honors what He produces, not what we produce. In this message, we will look at these three areas of walking by faith - Getting ahead of God, the fruit of our works must be from God, and waiting on the Lord.

1. Getting ahead of God
Probably the hardest part of living by faith is waiting on God. We want God to act swiftly and decisively. We don't want God to work behind the scenes; we want to see what He is doing so that we can be confident in what He is doing. Our natural, human reaction when God doesn't act according to our ideas is that we want to take matters into our own hands. This hasn't changed since the beginning. Peter also address this by reminding us that "God is not slack concerning His promises, as some count slackness, but longsuffering toward us". As we see time ticking away, we grow more and more impatient. When time seems against us, His promise begins to look impossible. We feel like we have to act now or miss out. When people feel like they will miss out, they react and interfere with God's intended purpose. We will look at the two ways Christians react to God's delay.

Sincere Error.
We try to put 'legs on our prayers'. This is what we observe with Abraham and Sarah. God gave the promise of a son years ago. As the years ticked by and old age crept in, impatience came with it. At the point where Sarah realized that it was now physically impossible for her to have children, she began to question whether they were following the promise in the right way. It was already too late for her, if they waited much longer, it would be too late for Abraham too - if it was not already too late. If they continued to wait, surely they would miss out on God's promise.

What they could not see is that God's promise was to be fulfilled in such a way that it could only be a ...

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