by Eddie Snipes

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The Ark - a Portrait of the Cross (2 of 2)
The Flood
Eddie Snipes
1 Corinthians 15:21-22

One thing that is vital to understanding scripture is to keep the end in mind as you study. If you lose sight of the big picture, you will miss the spiritual applications or be in danger of taking scripture out of context. God is working out His plan and He sees the end from the beginning. Everything is done to accomplish His ultimate purpose. If you look closely you will notice that the Old Testament prepares, or paves the way to the New Testament. Calling them the Old and New Testament gives the misconception that they are separate. Most people look at the testaments as though one has passed and the other has replaced it. I would like for us to look at it from a different perspective entirely. Look at the scriptures as one path from beginning to end. The signs and directions of the Old Testament point the way so that we don't miss what God is preparing for us. The old doesn't pass away, but it carries us by the hand into God's revelation of His plan for redemption. Everything that happens in the Old Testament becomes an anchor that God uses to direct man toward God's plan. The Old transitions into the gospels; it does not end abruptly and change directions when Jesus arrives. The laws and events in the Old Testament point toward Christ and prepare the world for the desperately needed Redeemer. The later you get in the Old Testament, the less imagery you have in worship and the more prophesy we see that identifies the coming Messiah and the plan of His sacrifice and future reign. Keep this in mind as we examine the spiritual application of the flood. Though historical events recorded in scripture are actual events, but God ordains these events to enlighten future generations to His plan. As the apostle Paul said, it was a great mystery but now has been revealed in Christ.

This study will focus on three areas that reveal God's unfolding plan.

1. Names
I am going to ...

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