by Eddie Snipes

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Eddie Snipes
Matthew 27:1-5; 2 Corinthians 7:10-11; John 15:1-10; 1 John 1:5-10, 3:5-10

Repentance is not an ugly word, but it is a positive evaluation that I make so that I can gain God's plan for my life. Many people have misconceptions of what repentance is. There are three principles of repentance that I want to discuss here. The first two is are a comparison between worldly repentance and true godly repentance and the third is how repentance applies to our lifestyle so that we walk in hope and the joy of knowing God on a personal intimate level.

1. Worldly repentance - Remorse
There are two Greek words for repentance that I will be discussing. Worldly repentance is translated from the Greek word 'metamelomai' which literally means to have remorse for one's actions. Worldly repentance is destructive. Lets take a look at the biblical example of worldly repentance.

{Read Matthew 27:1-5}

The King James Version translates remorseful into the word repentance. The product of worldly repentance is not a changed life, but defeat and destruction. Worldly repentance is not a change of heart, but remorse, regret and the burden of one's guilt. The world can only see this as the meaning of repentance. That is why I frequently hear critics of the Christian faith say things like, ''I don't like church because all they do is make you feel guilty'' or ''to be a Christian means you have to [carry your Bible everywhere/do certain works/abstain from anything enjoyable in life/or any list of ideas] and hang your head down in shame''. Every Christian I know that is living their faith has a valid self-image and lives joyfully because of the freedom God has given them.

Where does this perception come from? In our modern culture, it comes from counterfeits of the faith. There are countless religions that base salvation on penance, deeds, and rules. God is not impressed with our religious efforts. In fact, this grieves God. A relationship with Chr ...

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