by Eddie Snipes

Do We Walk by Faith or by Sight?
Eddie Snipes
John 6:5-11, 14-15; Matthew 14:22-27

To get a more completed picture of this biblical account, I will take this study from Matthew and John. Let's begin by reading from John 6:5-11, and vs. 14-15 (read verses)

Matthew 14 picks up the story in verse 22: (read verses 22-27)

This account gives us incredible insight into the difference between walking by faith and walking by sight. Many people call themselves followers of Christ, but as we will examine more closely, they are usually divided into two camps. There are those who base their faith on experience, and those who base their faith on truth. Experiential faith is not faith at all. It is completely dependent on sight and circumstances. An 'experiential Christian' will only remain when they are experiencing benefit. A Christian who walks by faith based on the truth of God's word will endure and obey regardless of what challenges arise. Let's begin with a deeper look at the differences between 'Experiential Believers' and Believers based on faith and the truth of God's word.

Experiential Believers

Let me begin by saying that there is nothing wrong with personal experience. In fact, it is our personal experience that we can look back on as an anchor point where we began our walk with Christ. Personal experience is a powerful testimony to others and can go far in building our own faith as well. Personal experience is a benefit from faith in Christ, but it is not the foundation of our faith in Christ. Our foundation is the truth of the Bible. Personal experience is the result of trusting in that truth.

Experiential believers place their trust in circumstances and not in our God, Who is able to overcome any circumstance. Any religion or practice that promises personal benefit will draw experiential believers. Truth is easily compromised because truth is measured against the experience instead of measuring the experience against the truth. People are eas ...

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