by Eddie Snipes

Living Victorious in Christ
Eddie Snipes
Psalm 1

How do we become overcomers? We have a choice about which path we take. We can either choose the path of sin and ungodliness, or we can walk with God. I have heard many Christians say that they are defeated by a habitual sin that controls their life. They try and try, but somehow a life of godliness seems out of their grasp. They also feel like God is far away and they feel guilt and feel hopeless about living the godly life. We read the Word of God, but how hard it is to implement what we read into our lives. I believe that every believer has the opportunity to live a godly life and walk victoriously with a close relationship with Christ. I hope to identify five steps that will help you to not only hear, but also implement the Word of God into your life. I believe this Psalm can give us some insight.

1. The first step is to repent. Repentance does not mean to lower your self worth and be hard on yourself because of your failures. Repentance means to make a commitment to change in your life and your lifestyle. Repentance is turning from the way of you running the show and giving in to the lordship of Jesus. Our way does not work. We keep trying and failing. Then we try even harder and become frustrated because of repeated failures. Don't become defeated in frustration, make changes.

Verse 1 says a man is blessed if he does not walk in the ways of sin. At times we all get on the path of sinners by wandering off the path of righteousness. In Matthew 7:13, the bible tells us that the path of sin is wide and many will find it. They find it because it is easy. The whole world is taking this path so there are plenty of ways to find this path and plenty of people pointing the way to it. The bible then says that the path of righteousness is narrow and few will find it. Few find it because it takes effort and there are no crowds pointing the way. If anything, there are many people you wil ...

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