by Eddie Snipes

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Pursuing Your Purpose (3 of 3)
Eddie Snipes

The final step I want to focus on in overcoming sinful habits is your purpose. Each of our lives has been created by God for a purpose. As long as we are living outside of that purpose, there will be emptiness and a desire to crowd our lives with pleasures and sin because we are searching for more. Our goal is not to get to heaven, but to love God and stand before Him on that great Day having completed our purpose in life. Our purpose is not a single act, but a lifelong journey that will never end. The Bible calls it a race of endurance. Many will start the race, but few will endure until the end. Let me reiterate that our lives are founded upon the relationship we have with Jesus Christ. That will never change. We will always struggle to find a balance so that we can cultivate our relationship with Christ. Everyone struggles to maintain that balance. Those who successfully keep the relationship with God as a top priority will be successful. Even in ministry, we can get out of balance. When ministry is so important that we don't have time for God, we are not serving God.

God does not call you to succeed. He does not call you to accomplish anything. God calls you into a love relationship with Him and out of that relationship He produces the fruit of your labors. Busyness is the enemy of our relationship with God. When we get too busy, it is time to step back even if we have to let some important things slip. Nothing is more important than keeping your focus on the relationship you have with God. If works - even good works and deeds - stand in the way of our relationship with God, then they are not of God. We must remember that we don't do anything for God, He works through us. God doesn't accept the works of our hands, but the work He produces through us. This goes all the way back to the beginning. In Genesis, Cain was a gardener and presented his best works to God and it was rejected. Abel gave back to God the bes ...

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